[NEW MUSIC] "Or Nah" - Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz Khalifa

[RECAP] Love & Hip Hop Episode 9

This season of Love and Hip-Hop has been much better than the others (excluding the Atlanta seasons) considering that Mona Scott-Young has up the drama. Peter Gunz (or "The Stevie J of New York" as I would like to call him) has gotten himself in a pretty sticky predicament when he decided to drop his baby mama for the side chick... and married her! Except karma came back to bite him in the a** when he cheated on his wife/side chick with the main chick and the main chick snitched to wife about it (last episode).

Fast forward to this episode and Peter Gunz has decided to win his wife back in a major way. Also in on the drama is... YOU GUESSED IT: Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena. Words can not describe how stupid I think their relationship is. It is almost as fake a relationship as Erica Mena and this girl Cyn. I CANNOT be the only person that thinks that relationship is a cry for attention! Anyways, Erica being the... that she is decides to cheat on her "girlfriend" with Rich Dollaz by making out with him in the studio and Erica Mena confesses to Cyn about it. No lie, I felt like that scene with all of them yelling and all that was a scene in an improvisation workshop with amateur actors and Cyn did the best job of all. She actually made it seem like she was actually in a real relationship.

Check out this week's episode and sound off below:

I am super excited to see how Tahiry and Joe Budden situation turns out in the next episode. More importantly, I am excited to see that ROCK he wants to put on that finger.

[NEW MUSIC] "War" - Common

[DOWNLOAD] French Montana Drops "Coke Boys 4"

So, I know you guys are pumped this new year and need something to turn up to in your vehicles on your way to work, gym, club, church, etc. You know DBIS got your back, go ahead and download French Montana's new mixtape "Coke Boys 4." He has yet to fail us with his mixtapes, so you know this one is a banger. Download "Coke Boys 4" HERE

[NEW VIDEO] "Dirty Love" - Ke$ha

I mean if Ke$ha WAS actually in love, it WOULD be dirty, right? 

[NEW MUSIC] "This Is Murder Not Music" - 50 Cent

"Confusion" is not the word to describe what was going on in my head while listening to this song; I was far beyond that. I don't know who exactly he was aiming this song to in the bucket of rappers he has beef with but this is not exactly the strongest way 50 Cent could have taken a shot at them. I mean, yes, 50 cent is loaded and yes, he has had a strong career but how does rapping about those things to other rappers who have the same thing hurt them? Anyways, take a listen for yourself and sound off below!

[RECAP] Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 5

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know we haven't kept you guys updated on what's been going on during this season of Mob Wives: New Blood (or anything for that matter [sorry]). But, forgive us as we recap the biggest episode of the season. This is the episode where Renee goes BALLS TO THE WALL with Natalie. Let us catch you up:

Renee has recently launched a new clothing line "Mob Candy" and tried casting the face of the line. When she failed, a friend and new blood Alicia, stepped in and offered up her friend, Natalie, who was also looking forward to model for the line. Renee and Natalie fell in love and Natalie was quickly deemed "Mini-Renee." Well, this budding friendship quickly turned to sh*t when a night out with the girls and Renee's new man (who is a GOD!) goes terribly wrong. Renee goes... well "Renee" when she hears Natalie tells her new boo that he smells "delicious." Since then, Renee put Natalie on her sh*t list and even though she is on Renee's sh*t list, Natalie and the rest of the girls take a trip to Vegas for "vacation"...

Fast Forward to this episode: 
Okay. Let's break this down. Renee was completely wrong in the first place for being this mad at the word "delicious" because she said that he SMELLED delicious... not LOOKED delicious. I think Renee is used to being a firecracker and her automatic reaction was KILL. It's been a little while for Renee from what we see on TV, so her finding this GOD may have been a big deal for her. Unfortunately, it's not the fact that Natalie MAY have been hitting on him that pushed him away but how Renee reacted to this.

Renee has been going through a lot and as one of my favorites in the Mob Wives saga, I can honestly say she COMPLETELY lost her damn mind during the trip and ruined her time in Vegas more than anything. The entire episode revolved around Renee's problems with Natalie and how she just couldn't get over it which was like watching a car accident happen right before your eyes. I do think that Renee is overdoing the reaction to Natalie but I will always be #TeamRenee... what about you guys? #TeamRenee or #TeamNatalie
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