Wale Shares HUGE Announcement; Answers Prayers!

The Untouchable Empire, MMG, is doing something right. MMG member, Wale, had the Twitter world on their toes for over 24 hours promising a HUGE announcement today at 5PM. To be honest, I was waiting for a new Wingstop joint to be opened or for Wale to finally announce our engagement (maybe that's just in my head), but prayers across the world have been answered: Wale's new mixtape, Folarin, is coming soon... Decemeber 24th to be exact.

There is a Santa and he does listen! One of thee best lyricists not only announced the upcoming mixtape but gives our ears some audio crack to hold us over till then! Check out Wale's newest track "Freedom Of Speech": 

To say that this year has been for MMG is a SEVERE understatement. With Self-Made 2; Savage Journey to The American Dream; God Forgives, I Don't; Dreams and Nightmares; and now Folarin, MMG has made it clear that they are UNTOUCHABLE!  

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  1. Check out the Youtube video for "Code of The Streets" at http://youtu.be/0HNxKWxwbIM .


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