New Shows Coming to Da Boss Is Speakin!

January marks the start of a new season for television and the return of DBIS's television recaps. To start the year off, three new shows will be featured on DBIS: Mob Wives Season 3, Love and Hip-Hop Season 3 and Bad Girls Club Season 10.

Mob Wives Season 3 leaves the hot messes in Chicago and returns to New York where the original bad asses mob wives pick up where they left off. I know what you're thinking: Who the hell is this woman? Well, meet Love Majewski, the newest addition to the Mob Wives. A friend of Big Ang, Love is known for being... WELL affiliated with mobsters, being engaged six times. Don't let the face fool you, this b*tch is crazy. Known for stabbing, poisoning and slicing up ex-lovers, this nut will fit right in with the rest of the girls! The new season of Mob Wives premieres January 6th at 8PM!

It's back to NY for Love And Hip-Hop but thats about all of a "return" going on for this upcoming season of the show. Okay, money-hungry Yandy, groupie Erica, puppet master Rich and Olivia are all coming back for the new season but that's about all. Don't get it twisted, though, new cast members bring a new spin to the show. The drama around Chrissy and Yandy was getting a bit dry so maybe it was best that producer Mona Scott-Young switched up the cast. Rapper Joe Budden and girlfriend, Rapper Consequence (who?) and girlfriend, all are on this season of Love and Hip-Hop along with others too insignificant to mention. The new season of Love and Hip-Hop premieres January 7th at 8PM but, in the meantime, check out the super trailer below:

All hail the gods over at Oxygen who have decided to premiere the seasons of Bad Girls Club closer together. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was watching Erika hop on a couch and beat the hell out of Julie. Good times... Good times.... Well anyways, Oxygen turns up the ratchet and brings Bad Girls Club Season 10 to Atlanta! Words really can't express my sheer excitement for the new season of BGC!The new season premieres January 15th at 8PM!


Upcoming shows that will also be featured on DBIS include Hollywood Exes Season 2 and Basketball Wives Season 5. STAY TUNED!

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