[RECAP] Love and Hip Hop (New York) Season 3 Premiere

There was no better way to open up LHHNY than with Tahiry's booty. Right from the top of the episode, Tahiry's booty stole the show. For those of you who have missed it, Tahiry is Joe Budden's STACKED ex-girlfriend with whom he is trying to establish a "friendship" with. Tahiry is FIERY and is already the favorite of this season, especially since in the first episode she brought the claws out! Socialite Raqi, who happens to be Joe Budden's "biffle," has been getting Tahiry's skin because rumor has it that Raqi and Joe had been "pumping it up" when Raqi was supposed to be Tahiry's friend!

Veterans Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena turn up the nastiness this season as they are now dating each other all while Rich Dollaz manages Erica's "career." Can I be honest with you guys? Erica was so threatened by Kimbella last season (understandably) but with girls like Tahiry in the game, Erica ain't even being looked at! Rich Dollaz must be a hell of a manager; I'm surprised she's still getting booked for shoots! Okay, back to the recap! Rich Dollaz's other client, Olivia, decides to put her nose where it doesn't belong and snoops around Rich and Erica's relationship. At dinner with the couple, one of the things that Olivia digs up is the hand tattoo that Erica has: an "R". Ay dios mio! Seemed like Olivia was a bit jealous by Rich and Erica's relationship. The convo between the three gets heated quick as Rich gets defensive and Erica storms from the table. Drama between three dull people. Smh...

Back to this episode's drama: Raqi vs.Tahiry! Tahiry and Raqi meet up for lunch in order to discuss why Tahiry had been ignoring Raqi's calls and texts. The word "bitch" was thrown around a lot but all I could focus on was that leather outfit Tahiry had on! Damn... Okay, I'm back. Tahiry had been turned off by Raqi's growing "friendship" with Joe, so she had been pulling away from Raqi. Needless to say, the lunch didn't end too well but, of course, the drama didn't end there! The girls meet again, this time with Joe Budden around (see photo above). Right out the gate, the girls had to be pulled away from each other and seats had to be changed as they tried to play a ridiculous, made-up game of "Truth and Truth" (the dumb  a** spin to the popular game, "Truth or Dare"-- Joe Budden's idea). When things settled again, Raqi got to button pushing again and Tahiry got to drink throwing! The girls get pulled away from each other and Joe Budden throws Raqi out of the party!

Sigh. Well, we know who the sideline chick is now! Must be hard for Raqi to see Joe Budden fighting for Tahiry so much and get thrown right out of his party in front of Tahiry!

Sidenote: Yandy gave birth to her BEAUTIFUL son this episode! Congrats to her and her man, Mendeecees! 


  1. The show is pathetic. These loser chicks need jobs, and need to stop idealizing their butts. It's not that serious, sista's been equipted with asses like those spanish girls. Glag to see no real sista's making a fool of themselves this season, it looks like all the drama and trashy fights come from the spanish girls.

    1. Exactly!
      Tahiry thinks her butt is her goldmine, when it's far too flabby and are a dime a dozen. I hate how Tahiry extends her butt and turns to the side to make sure it's the focal point in every picture. Google her name and you'll be just as disgusted as I am.


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