[BEEF REPORT] Wendy WIlliams vs. Lil Kim

Why is everyone trying to f*ck with the Queen Bee? There is a new addition to the list of haters Lil Kim has and she goes by the name of Wendy Williams. Yes, you heard: the Queen of Rap and the Queen of Gossip are at it! The feud between the two allegedly began when Wendy Williams commented on how the queen went from fab to shab over the years and her EXTENSIVE work under the knife.

In good Queen Bee fashion, Lil Kim did not take that lying down. As real thugs do, Lil Kim took to Twitter and sent Wendy Williams some not-so-subliminal messages. Check it out below!

Queen Bee also went on to say that Wendy Williams blew Biggie's flute back in the day and that Biggie wanted nothing to do with Wendy afterwards. I, personally, don't think it is in good taste to throw out Biggie's secrets in the media posthumously especially if it's something as damaging as receiving oral sex from a man. 

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